Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

this album SLAYS… why did i miss it when it came out?

why haven’t I been listening to this all along? I have no idea…but, I am now.

I would buy this on VINYL in a SECOND…but, they only released it on CD/mp3. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! guhhh

excellent record. wanted to share. hope you all enjoy.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of singing and making music in recent months.

I love it. Best hobby/personal interest/thing to do with my free time. I hang with a couple of my best friends and create music together. Nothing really compares to it.

My buddy/drummer just sent me these tips on how to NOT shred your vocal chords. If you’re a vocalist in any way? Check this out.

Vocal Health Basics
link available in original article)

ok i woke up super hungover today and made this mix of songs :+)
i felt like singing, but i didn’t have the energy to do anything but lay in bed and sing into the macbook mic
it’s like a mix of songs that soothe and punish kinda idk really
hope you like it xoxoxoxxxxx


hard to do these things alone bb hungover macbook mic a capella – tk
honest – future (hemsworth’s post-rock tears bootleg)
last remnants - koreless + hard way - chief keef
bonnie & clyde - tink
nightrail from the sun - lubomyr melnyk + me singing
hold my liquor - kanye + me singing
blue moon - kendall johansson (official transition to winter song)
430 am - kevin gates
blocka la flame - travis scott + me singing wrecking ball - miley cyrus
carmelita - gg allin
at your funeral - saves the day (htdw + ‘everything is’ by crash of rhinos)
caps lock - m.i.a.

there are like some snippets in there from like ‘citgo’ and another tink song and tracy chapman but i can’t remember where cuz i fell asleep….